Benue State Economic Resources


Favourable rainfall accounts for its capacity to support a variety of crops. This is why farming is the major occupation in the State. Indeed the immense agricultural potential has given Benue State the recognition as “the food basket of the Nation”.

Agricultural produce that thrive very well in the Sate include yams, Cashew, oranges, mango, rice, beans, cassava, potatoes, fish, mellon, maize, sugar cane, Groundnut, palm produce, Sorghum, Millet, sesame, sheanut, vegetables and soybeans. The Benue mango is said to be the best and sweetest on the Africa continent. 

The State accounts for about 70% of Nigeria’s soyabean production and 95% of yam respectively. Zaki-Biam town boasts of the largest yam market in the world. The species of the sweet and tasty yam known as ‘gbangu’ is unrivaled on the African continent, for its taste and consistency in the yield of good pounded yam.  


The State is blessed with the following solid minerals:- Limestone, Salt, Bentonite, Glass Sand, Gemstone, Kaolin, Feldspar, Galena, Magnesite, Shale, Wolframite, Flourspar, Gypsum, Boryte, Brick Clay, Coal, Petroleum, etc.


There are enchanting and fascinating sights and scenery for the tourist. These include the Ushongo Selagi ( where the Fulani jihadist, Danfodio’s forces and their allies (the Ugenyi) were said to have been routed by Tiv warriors in one of his expeditions in the Benue valley in the 19th century), the Oju hills, the Ikwe wildlife park and holiday resort as well as the Makurdi manaterium.

Among the historical sites are the Turan-trench fortification against the Chamba horsemen invasion, the Gbeleve Trade post (one of the earliest colonial trade posts in Tiv land), the tombs of early missionaries at Sai in Katina-Ala Local Government on the border with Taraba Satate and the palaces of the paramount traditional rulers, the Tor Tiv and the Och’idoma. 


Benue State is easily accessible by land, air, water and rail. The state capital boasts of a dual purpose airport. There are plans to build a specialized cargo airport in the state to boost agricultural produce direct exports from the state.